I hate localizations – eMusic Canada :-(

A good friend warned me about this yesterday. I logged in today to find this Welcome to eMusic Canada 👿

New eMusic Subscription Price:

$11.99 per month for 40 downloads.

We are committed to offering you the best value for independent music and audiobooks but unfortunately, due to tariffs required by Canadian law, doing business in Canada is a bit more costly for us. Your new eMusic monthly subscription price will be effective starting with your next billing cycle.

It’s bad enuff that eMusic Canada raised it’s price 20% ( $11.99 from $9.99), but I’m guessing that content will be absolutely horrible. Much like Amazon.com vs its pale shadow Amazon.ca. ( I often have to buy from Amazon.com because Amazon.ca is “thin” … and with eMusic I don’t have that choice). The number of artists available in Canada at eMusic has been getting very bad for the past year, and now I’m expecting worse. I can’t see how an eMusic.ca site will get any attention within the whole of eMusic. The only positive is that I won’t be getting e-mail recommendations for music that I couldn’t buy.

I like eMusic for it’s international flavour and that has been spiralling downward for the past 18 months. Bummer.

I sure hope this isn’t my last month of eMusic 😦


2 thoughts on “I hate localizations – eMusic Canada :-(”

  1. “due to tariffs required by Canadian law…”. Which specific Canadian law is that? It doesn’t look like Bill C-60 will pass this session. Will eMusic Canada decrease their rates accordingly?

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