Cringely Speculates on Apple & PA Semi

I, Cringely speculates that Apple will go vertically integrated with processors. Interesting that he figures that the computer market will complete a full circle — Vertical, Horizontal, and soon to be vertical again. He makes a good point that CPU architectural advances are achieving minimal returns and are thus are getting harder and harder to differentiate. The main differentiator left for CPU designers would be Application Specific Features. It’s those darn ASICs again.

Here is the final paragraph.

Apple to the Core:

Apple has changed processor families twice before in the Macintosh era so it is more likely, not less, that they will change again. It’s even possible we’ll see a jump to AMD for some machines before the final days of Apple/Intel. But just as the Intel changeover took a year and was predicted to take two, we’re 3-4 years out on this transition. Your next Mac will probably have an Intel CPU, but the one after will be all Apple, through and through.

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