Link | OECD updates broadband portal with December 2007 data An update of a very interesting site there is also a new report issued.

OECD updates broadband portal with December 2007 data

May 18, 2008 22:00:00 GMT
Broadband subscriptions reached 235 million in December 2008, equivalent to 20 subscribers per 100 inhabitants. Denmark, the Netherlands and Iceland continue to lead the OECD in broadband penetration.

New Broadband report as well.

The OECD is also releasing a new Broadband report (Main findings / Full report) which examines the evolution of broadband since 2004 and the national broadband plans of all OECD member countries. The report highlights the significant progress that has been made in the development of broadband across the OECD countries, notably and the progress that has been made in extending broadband to rural and remote areas as well as in connecting schools, libraries and other public institutions. The report also examines areas of weakness and examples of innovative policies from countries.


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