ZSN – A WAN box with no traditional WAN ports

I’ve briefly scanned the Zeugma ZSN datasheet and a few items leapt out at the “chip” guy in me.

A services router ( edge router ) with exclusively Ethernet interfaces. Makes sense, but interesting to actually see a product in this category with no T1/T3/OC3/OC12/OC48 interfaces.

All the compelling features are in software. There are no custom hardware claims, so I’ve got to assume that all hardware is “off-the-shelf” enterprise focussed silicon. Makes sense, these guys can’t compete with likes of a Cisco’s QFP. They are choosing to compete where they have a hope.

A sense of irony. If memory serves the original SmartEdge that Redback acquired from Siara was an integrated optical transport and router platform. This was in contrast to the original Redback product (was it SMS100? ) that most hardware focussed industry people “pooh poohed” as a “couple NICs in a box”. This piece of “crap hardware” was unbelievable success because it solved real problems. Anyways interesting that it looks like the x-Siara folks at Zeugma are building an SMS100 on super-steriods.