Link | Redback Targets AlcaLu – Again! – Light Reading

Light Reading – Ethernet – Redback Targets AlcaLu – Again! – Telecom News Analysis: This begs the question “Just how many Carrier Ethernet switches can the market really support?”.

My “gut” tells me that this telco equipment industry attempt to unseat Cisco in Modular Ethernet market, only helps Cisco. My reasoning is that Cisco has the enormous enterprise market and the currently modest carrier market to support its developments. With all the new guys fighting in the carrier segment at some point they’re gonna say “this market isn’t big enuff”. Then their ego’s will get the better of them and then they’ll try to take Cisco head-on in enterprise. ( ie they’ll lose focus and go the way of 3Com, Cabletron, Bay, etc ).

It is ironic, but the Huawei approach (which is along the lines of the old 3Com, Cabletron, etc) is more likely to make inroads today. Cisco’s biggest issue is commoditization, not features. They’ll win on features any day.