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Interesting commentary on Network Processors. I didn’t know that Marvell is selling EzChip Processors.

“(It’s actually Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: MRVL – message board) that sells the EZchip network processors to Cisco; EZchip gets royalties. The companies announced their partnership in 2006. See EZchip, Marvell Partner.)”

So much for my wild speculation the other day.


4 thoughts on “EzChip & MRVL | Chipping Away at Cisco’s ASR 9000 | Light Reading”

  1. Ian-

    Lots of devoted EZ-Chip folks out there. I think they are wrong but they are a vocal bunch. EZ is a good company but an overvalued stock.

    Unrelated – Check out “School of Seven Bells”. Try tracks Half Asleep and Connjur. I think you will like.

    Great to see you back!

  2. Andrew, exactly how do you conclude EZ stock is “overvalued”? And how much additional new revenue (at 70%+ margins) do you need to see, to change that conclusion to “fairly valued” and “undervalued”? Thanks.

  3. Andrew,

    Just as I thought…. you wouldn’t dare answer any such specific question about EZchip. You never do from what I’ve seen. Not on any site you stumble upon, to promote your own website. You must be hurting pretty bad financially, to be so desperate to search the web so hard to advertise your services for free. You are a desperate blogger looking to justify your existence in a failed market, where your “advice” has cost your readers dearly. Poor Andrew. No facts to support your eternally vague bashing, while EZCH is rising. You should keep to your own site if you can’t substantiate your comments right where you post them. Your only goal seems to be using other websites to lure people to your own blog, for advertising payments. Sad. Pathetic IMO. Certainly not the behavior of a “professional”.

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