Kids & Password Horrors – MSN & Facebook

My kids thought I was extremely harsh when I forced them to use the 1Password password manager. I asked them to make sure that every password they use is “strong”.

They understood why, but it was a pain in practice. Initially they only changed a few of their site passwords.

Perceptions did change when one of their Hotmail accounts was compromised. It was a nightmare for them to watch someone else use their MSN Messenger and send e-mails. The account had a weak password. Luckily the “thief” didn’t change the password. We were able to login, change the password, and regain control. The account now has a very strong password.

Now all of my family make sure the strength bar in the password program is max’d out.

Friends Current Horror — Facebook password stolen

On friday my daughter made arrangements with a friend to meet at the mall via facebook chat. The friend didn’t appear. Later the friend said “I didn’t chat with you on Facebook”. When I heard this I asked the “friend” to try to login and change her password. Yuck! She can’t login. She is locked out. We’ve now heard that other friends are receiving malicious messages from this account. Evil stuff 👿 Facebook does has a form for compromised accounts. Wonder how long or if we can get the account back.



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