Useful Mac OS X Software Dec 2008

Here’s an update wrt/ “Useful OS X Software” posts.

I’m really liking the Smultron text editor and Sleep Display. My kids are liking SketchUp 3D drawing. I had to do some work on the “Dark Side” (ie Windows) laptop this summer. I found Notepad++ text editor and Strawberry Perl very useful for editing and running perl scripts developed on mac onto a PC.

Smultron is a text editor. I’ve now fully switched from textwrangler. I like the “command and snippet” features. The one thing that I’d wish it had is ability to save searches. But I can work around this by creating & saving perl search commands. (ie perl -pe s/FIND/REPLACE/g; %%p)

Sleep Display does exactly what you think. It works great for Skype phone calls. I find the screen distracting during phone calls. Turning the screen off is very useful

My kids really like’s Google’s SketchUp 3D sketching software. They’ve been drawing all sorts of cool stuff.

Strawberry Perl was a big find for me this summer. It allows one to embed perl code into PC world .bat files.

I’m still Experimenting with CLIX and Lingon


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