40,000th Hit Today!

My blog is “Small and Steady”. The most popular posts are as expected — “in areas where I have expertise and provide something of value”. I enjoy writing about books, music, marketing, career mgmt, etc. It really helps me learn about those things. But you (the readers ) definitely prefer reading posts that are about something that I actually know something about 😉

It’s also cool that the most popular search term is my name.

Here are the most popular posts (all time):

  1. My longing for Amazon MP3 in Canada
    Amazon’s New MP3 Service – Not in Canada
  2. Using BackupPC on Mac OS X
  3. My observation that the “Internet network” is becoming less about network equipment and more about network applications
    Thinking About Network Diagrams For the Internet
  4. My yahoo mail plus outage and resulting rant. After ten years I abandon Yahoo mail
  5. My trials and tribulations with iGTD and Journlr
    iGTD Mac ToDo List Manager

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas.