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I really like the first point in “What is a killer resume” — Your resume isn’t about you.

That hooked me. I scanned the whole series: Resume Writing Series » Squawkfox. Here is the summary list for a Killer resume. Lotsa good ideas. Enjoy.

What is a Killer Resume?

Your resume …

  1. isn’t about you.
  2. must sell you in seconds.
  3. is a marketing tool, not a personal document.
  4. highlights your accomplishments, not job duties or descriptions.
  5. must focus on your future, not your past.
  6. shows the skills you enjoy, not skills you have to use.
  7. is not a confessional. You don’t have to tell all.
  8. must list the important facts first.
  9. must be free from grammatical and typographical errors.
  10. must have a clean layout. No one wants to read a garbled mess.

Here are the other sections.

  • What is a Killer Resume?
  • 10 Resume Do’s
  • 10 Resume Sins
  • Resume Anatomy
  • 6 Sucky Resume Words
  • one more to come.

Heard about this series on lifehacker while looking for a new post on Adam Pash’s – Hack Attack. I’m missing his weekly feature.