Link | Achieving a failure » Eric Ries

I’m really liking Eric Ries’ blog Lessons Learned. He’s got a great post, Achieving a failure. It starts with a description of a “sure fire” strategy that achieved –> huge failure. He then describes a list of “shadow beliefs” that undermined that strategy.

Shadow Beliefs

  • We know what customers want
  • We can accurately predict the future
  • We can skip the chasm.
  • We can capitalize on new customers.
  • We know what quality means
  • Advancing the plan is progress

He says, “These shadow beliefs have a common theme: a lack of reality checks.

I’m sure that you’ve encountered these beliefs before and will again 😦
This post is a good “reality field” enforcer. It’s evil 👿 and good 😎 all in one package.