Prioritize and QUIT! – The Dip & Drucker

Seth’s “Strategic Quitting” has much more “stick” than Drucker’s “Systematic Abandonment”. But they are the same beast. Easy to say and very very hard to do 👿

The bottom line is that focussing/prioritizing without quiting/abandoning the low priority items IS NOT FOCUSING/PRIORITIZING.

This is such a simple book, but it really get’s my blood flowing. It brings up too many painful memories of managers/executives (me included) chanting the mantra of FOCUS and PRIORITIZATION. Then the meeting moves on to the side projects. These people just don’t get that they’ve lost all credibility when they are unable to quit the side projects. It just proves that they don’t believe in the main focus. They are not committed. The whole team knows it.

This focussing of resources ( personal or team ) is the route to achieving Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. Here is Seth’s take on. 10,000 hours » Seth’s Blog

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Parting Note: I love how Seth’s new skool is so in synch with Drucker’s old school.