OECD Reports on “Online ID Theft” » Offline may still be worse

The OECD recently published a book on Online Identify Theft. I was hoping for some unified OECD statistics like the Broadband Portal, but unfortunately one of their major findings is that very few countries count ID Theft.

ID theft (whether offline or online) has largely failed to attract the attention of statisticians. Most data are from the United States; statistics for Europe are sparse, except for the United Kingdom. When data are available, they often do not cover ID theft as an independent wrongdoing. The United States is one of the few countries with data that analyse ID theft as a separate offense. (Exec Summary – page 9)

Overall I found it a fascinating read. It’s not my specialty so I like the “survey” style depth. The section that posits that Offline ID theft may still be worse than online ID theft is not as I expected. Online ID Theft is good techno-nerd reading. Enjoy.

You can download a read-only pdf (browse_it edition) for free from the OECD here