A Plan to Make Meditation Become as Accepted as Exercise

Very interesting article, Meng’s Peace Plan » Shambala Sun, on early Googler, Chade-Meng Tan’s, quest to make meditation as accessible, and accepted, as exercise.

Here’s an excerpt.

In other words, exercise is now perfectly aligned with the modern lives of real people. It has become fully accessible, and humanity benefits from it. I want to do the same for meditation. I want to create a world where meditation is treated like exercise for the mind:

1. Everybody knows meditation is good for them.

2. Everybody who wants to meditate can learn how.

3. Most people can meditate at work, often encouraged by their employers, because it’s good for business.

4. Meditation is taken for granted. Everybody thinks, “Of course you should meditate. Duh.”


Wonder if Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol will inspire more people to learn meditation? The mind over matter stuff. Noetics