Important Reads – Here on Earth by Tim Flannery – Words of Hope

“Words of Hope from a Prophet of Doom” is the title of the Guardian’s Book Review by Martin Woollacott.

I couldn’t agree more. This book gave me hope wrt/ the Climate Change horror story. I tried to read Flannery’s “The Weather Makers” a few years back. I couldn’t do it. It was too gloomy and there didn’t seem to be any “olive branches” to grab onto. How could I , or you, make a difference? Weather Makers made me want to crawl under a rock. Back then I remember attending a talk where the speakers view of action was to help build a mural showing the water level of Vancouver in 2050. That was a great “fear motivator”, but what if we believed? What were we to do? This guy hadn’t the foggiest, he just wanted to “scream horror” as loud as he could. I’m an Engineer, I want to fix stuff. I do not want to scream and hope someone else can save me.

I liked “Here On Earth” because Flannery proposes actions that people can take to make a difference. You may not like them. But we can get out from under the rock, discuss, learn, and take action. He definitely fills many pages with the Eco-Horrors that have been performed on Earth to motivate action. But it is the “solution” oriented view of the book that makes me recommend that you read it.

The final sentence of the book provides a glimpse of how much work we have to do. It’s the whole package — MetaPhysics, People, and Technology.

“But I am certain of one thing – if we do not strive to love one another, and to love our planet as much as we love ourselves, then no further human progress is possible here on Earth.”


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