Back to School – Loading Bootcamp

Loading Bootcamp onto my daughter’s Mac was a pain 😦 Overall the process is straight forward, but there were a few major gotchas for us .

I found a really good “howto” to get me going.

The gotcha’s for us were

  1. that our disk wouldn’t partition via Bootcamp Assistant. Google searching on this was not very useful. The solution was to run disc utility to repair our drive. Note that you must run disc utility from an install disc.
  2. Missing the load Bootcamp step 😦
    It seems obvious that one has to actually load Bootcamp. But after partitioning the drive and then loading windows 7 a lot of time has passed. It is difficult to focus on the loading of Bootcamp in the windows 7 partition. We got too excited that windows 7 was finally installed. Then we were mad that there was no networking capability and the screen looked like crap. This is the time to keep focussed and do the last step —> “Load the Bootcamp software” et voila everything magically works.
  3. Overall this was the process for me
    1) Repair Drive via disc utility
    2) Partition Drive via Bootcamp Assistant
    3) Start Windows 7 Installation via Bootcamp Assistant
    4) Create Bootcamp install CD via Bootcamp Assistant
    5) Install Windows 7
    6) Install Bootcamp using install CD created in step 4
    7) done 🙂
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