Sales Books – CustomerCentric and ProActive & Ronco

Earlier this year I asked two people to recommend a sales book for me. From the VP of Sales I got “Customer Centric Selling”. I liked this recommendation because I had already read and liked Solution Selling by Bosworth. From the best sales person I’ve ever worked with I got ProActive Sales Management by Skip Miller

In the end I really enjoyed both books, they’ll both make a difference in your work. It was very interesting the choice that each person made since each book has very similar themes. In the details each book services a different audience. So if you’re a sales guy looking for direct tips and a means for understanding corporate sales managment go for ProActive. It’s feet are firmly on the ground of a sales guy. If you are a management type looking to understand sales systems go for CustomerCentric.

Just For Fun

Then there is Malcolm Gladwell’s coverage of Ronco founder Ron Popeil in The Pitchman. This story is magic. Every product developer, marketer, or sales person needs to read this. In the end you can’t fake product love and knowledge. Ron Popeil knows his products because he lives with his products.

The Pitchman
October 30, 2000
Ron Popeil and the conquest of the American kitchen.