How To Change? — Read Switch

Just get it and read it. This book describes a skill set that is useful in all aspects of our lives — “How To Implement Change With Limited Resources”.

I’m loving the Heath Brothers book Switch. It’s a book about implementing change at work. It’s a story of how small details can result in big changes. The rules are very simple, but I’ve found that I’ve been reading and listening to this book over and over. It makes so much sense.

There are three facets of change. One needs to be convinced logically and emotionally. The third facet is that the path one chooses to implement change has a huge effect. In short one needs to cover all three facets to implement change. For example, a powerpoint presentation isn’t gonna do it. That only addresses the logical mind.

Again read this book. I’ve found bullet list synopses of this book simple to understand. Convincing my logical mind that this is important was easy. But I’ve found that emotionally connecting with these concepts requires reading/listening to the stories in the book many times over. It’s just too simple.

If you read one book in the next year. Read this.