Concussions & Injuries Drive “No Hitting in House” Rule Change in Vancouver BC :-)

Last night the PCAHA ( the ruling body for minor hockey in Vancouver BC ) eliminated hitting from all ages of “house” hockey with a vote of 123 for and 39 against. Here is Vancouver Sun article. It doesn’t include discussion on hitting PeeWee Rep that I cover below.

There may be a removal of hitting from PeeWee A ( Rep ). But the voting was not conclusive. It’s hoped that this issue will be decided at BC Hockey AGM this summer. What happened was that PCAHA representatives voted to support “No hitting at PeeWee Rep” at BC Hockey AGM this summer. The margin was narrow ( 92 For to 75 Against ). The PCAHA also decided that it would not have separate PeeWee A “hitting” rules from BC Hockey. ( 54 For and 111 Against )

On a downer note for hockey. This ruling will make hockey safer, but probably not enough. For example, girls hockey has no hitting and it has it’s own concussion epidemic 😦

This story on concussions in football makes a pretty strong statement towards the question, “How much contact sport will our grand children be playing?” Answer. Not much. The Fragile Teenage Brain — An in-depth look at concussions in high school football
By Jonah Lehrer