More Jobs Book Fascination, Apple Contractors Employ 700,000 in China – NYTimes

The NY Times rehashes the Jobs book section on Apples Manufacturing activity in China this past weekend —Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class, How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work “NY Times”

It’s a very worthwhile read, but extremely disheartening from a manufacturing in North America perspective.

From the Jobs book perspective it is interesting what the NY Times added and omitted.

The omissions. The context that Jobs/Apple have US manufacturing experience. In the Jobs book there is a lot on Jobs fascination with manufacturing plants. He built state of the art plants in USA for 1st Mac and at NeXT. These experiences supported his move with “everybody else” to China. It’s not like he (Apple) didn’t try in the USA. They certainly weren’t the first to manufacture in China. It’s more like they were the last ones there. There is also the omission of the things that Obama told Jobs that couldn’t be done politically. This is not a knock on Obama, but more a knock on what is politically feasible and how Jobs/Apple operate.

The “additions”. A lot of “silly speak” on what USA could do to reclaim the business. No substance here. It just gets the anger going. Guess that’s what sells papers. Anger and not solutions 😦

Best to read the Jobs book on this topic.

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