Lots to Read on the Web – @achiu, @martinertl, @ericries, and @vancouvergolf

Lotsa good reading in blog/twitter land this past week.

@achiu has two tweets this week that I really liked.

The first tweet links to an FT article discussing how entrepreneurship programs are becoming more important in MBA programs. Innovation and creativity move to the heart of the curriculum. I find this interesting because many people think that MBA programs are about entrepreneurship and are shocked that most MBA students don’t focus on entrepreneurship. I’m still waiting for the press to figure out that a new innovation at MBA schools is to have sales courses. Yes it’s true, very few business schools have sales courses. They always have some slippery words like its “embedded in our other courses”. If they do have sales courses it’s likely they’ve only been introduced in the last five years.

The second tweet is on work/life/balance. Good Dad, Good Entrepreneur, Good Husband. You’ve been here or will be soon. It’s real life.

@martinertl links to Ben Horowitz.

Thanks Martin!

I used to read Marc Andreesen’s pmarca blog with a passion and was sad to him slow his blogging. I’d never really looked at his business partner Ben Horowitz’s blog in the past. Horowitz is not a prolific blogger, but wow does he have some good stuff to say for technical founders. It also feels like he’s got a serious chip on his shoulder. Highly recommend the top posts.

@ericries — on Facebook’s Hacker Way

LeanStartUp guy Eric Ries has a great post The Hacker Way discussing Zuckerberg’s “Hacker Way”. Excellent stuff.

@vancouvergolf — Fraser Mulholland

How Fraser has any time to tweet at all is incomprehensible. His spirit is always contagious. Who else is keen enough to host golf in Mission,BC on Feb 7 🙂