Hugh’s “Big Idea” Resonates Strongly with Me

Hugh MacLeod’s Big Idea that “money is a by-product. It’s not the goal.” has been reality to me so many times.

I think that Roger Martin “nails” this topic in his book Fixing the Game. You can still get the first chapter free from HBR here

It’s that catch popular catch phrase again “Focus on what you can control and that doesn’t include the score”


2 thoughts on “Hugh’s “Big Idea” Resonates Strongly with Me”

  1. Your quote made me think a lot. money is a by product. yes it is. in earlier days peope used to sell things and get things through barter system. and whatever peopel want can be got easilly. but exchanging so many things only we will reach at certain systems. so for that hurdle man invented money. i am eager to read the book. can i order it through amazon ?

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