On Being “Single-Threaded” — Apple, Jobs, & You

It’s interesting how many “single-tasking” writings I’ve come across in the past year. Here are three that will get you FOCUSSED. The most timely is the one on Steve Jobs, the most personally useful is from the Zen Habits blog, and it’s just interesting to find it on HBR.

1) Adam Lashinsky’s “Inside Apple”. On page 162 there is a description of Steve Jobs in Computer-Scientist lingo

“He ( Steve Jobs ) operates in a single threaded manner…”

Further down the page there is the phrase

“Generally speaking, Apple doesn’t multitask”

{ :aside: Thx to @alanchiu for sending me an author autographed copy of this book 🙂 }

2) Leo Babauta ( Zen Habits Blog ) “Single-Tasking and Productivity” (or here ) This article is very useful. This blog has lots of great lifestyle/workstyle “HowTo” posts.

3) Tony Schwartz’s HBR BlogThe Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time