Stop Solving the Wrong Problems -> Start Making Service Calls

The dailygood (not a noted business blog ) has a great article this week titled “From Selling to Serving” via BJ Gallagher.

The topic for this week’s meeting was: “What are you doing to keep your business going in these crazy-making economic times?” …

When it was my turn to speak, I said, “I’ve stopped making sales calls. I make service calls instead.”

This is the basis of most “selling theories”. The problem is that a customer/prospect doesn’t really know what she/he wants until they “see it”. The seller does a “big thing” when he can figure out what the customer really needs and helps the customer “see it”.

:aside: This article got me thinking and I remembered reading Peter Drucker talking about how the Self Development Industry does not work so well. He posited that it’s because we don’t know our own faults. Our process is to misdiagnose our own problems and then apply a solution to that problem. Too bad we didn’t really have that problem.

:hint: Selling problems are almost always a misdiagnosis 😦