Must Read, Walter Isaacson Follows Up With Management Lessons of Steve Jobs @HBR

Walter Isaacson has a great summary of the management lessons he believes Steve Jobs has provided us “The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs” Here are all the main headings. Enjoy.

  • Focus
  • Simplify
  • Take Responsibility End to End
  • When Behind, Leapfrog
  • Put Products Before Profits
  • Don’t Be a Slave To Focus Groups
  • Bend Reality
  • Impute — I still don’t really know what this awkward word means 😦
  • Push for Perfection
  • Tolerate Only “A” Players
  • Engage Face-to-Face
  • Know Both the Big Picture and the Details
  • Combine the Humanities with the Sciences
  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Compliments and More

A big “Thank You” to @aschmitt for pointing me to this great article. And at some point I need to post my review of Adam Lashinsky’s “Inside Apple”