Lotsa Cool Entrepreneurship Activity @ UBC

There is so much cool stuff happening out at UBC these days. I’ll go in reverse time order.

I visited Moura Quayles’ Comm 486J Design Thinking Course this week. Wow! The final project was to deliver a “workshop” in a real world setting. The students had to meet with a company sponsor, then develop the workshop, then do the workshop at the sponsors site, and then report back. I sat in on the report back session. The experience was absolutely “successful” for all: me, students, sponsors, and professor. The bottom line is that all 5 groups delivered “actionable” ideas for their sponsors. Amazing.

I was very fortunate to be invited to attend the final presentations for the UBC MBA “Dragon’s Den” class, BAEN 506/507 Technology Entrepreneurship, taught by Thomas Hellman and Mike Lyons. This is an incredible class. I urge all MBA students to take this class and if you’re a techy student at UBC “beg” to get in. That said — It’s a tough class and all the students get to experience their own “destruction”. There is usually lots of “carnage”. ( Not enuff for Thomas’ and Mike’s liking )

The annual Engineering Physics Project Fair “Starting A Company from the Ground Up” didn’t disappoint. I really enjoy being part of this family and I brought four teens to it. Their heads really hurt during the keynote sessions, but they loved interacting with the students at their project booths. The positive “kid” energy is so infectious.

Finally I visited the folks at the brand new entrepreneurship@UBC. This looks to be very exciting.