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A big “Thank You” to @alanchiu for providing me with a signed copy.

“Wow. It is amazing how little is known about the inner workings of Apple” –This was the overwhelming point that kept coming back to me while reading this book.

There is plenty on Steve Jobs & “bullying”. The review by Bob Sutton ( mr. no asshole rule ) spends a lot of time on this. Sutton points out that this information may be inspiring and supporting “bullying”. Sad.

It may be that Jobs “bullying” actions are being misinterpreted. This discussion of “bullying” makes me want speak on my experience with Buddhism and monks. The writings on “dealing with Steve” seem similar to dealing with a monk. Monks can be extremely hard on their students. It is very easy to “perceive” that a monk is being “mean”. But the reality is that monks have an immense amount of training in compassion in order to support this “hardness”. Thus I think that emulating Jobs “abrasiveness” without “training” will backfire. But emulating Jobs with training in “compassion” may be very effective. This may be a reason for the interpretation of Steve Jobs “bullying”. Just thinking out loud.

There are plenty of detailed reviews of the book. I particularly like Bob Sutton’s. He really digs in.

Here are the points that I tagged while reading the book

  • Page 60. “Strategy is figuring out what not to do” Steve Jobs
  • Page 62. Winnowing ideas from 25 to 4 is horrifyingly scary.
    “The power of restraint probably gets instilled into you as much as anything else, the minimalist approach of not overreaching on deals, not overreaching with PR, not overreaching in your conversations, not overreaching on anything,” the executive said.

  • Page 64. “Apple obsesses over the user experience, not revenue optimization”
  • Page 67. DRI “Directly responsible individual”
  • Page 70. You’re hired and appreciated for your ability on the field, not your ability has a coach or manager. Jonathan Ive, widely admired for his design ideas, is considered to have little grasp of finance.
  • Page 79. In fact, there is a popular expression at Apple: everybody at apple wants out, and everybody outside Apple wants in.
  • Page 88. We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products, and that’s not changing. More …
  • Page 95. Wrt cook. “his ability to go forty thousand feet to nose-against-the-windshield is amazing”
  • Page 100. More Cook. “you think, it’s highly likely this guy is telling the truth”
  • Page 117 marketing. Best messaging is clear, concise, and repeated.

    … Where you get into trouble is is where you start to mix it up because you’re getting bored.

  • Page 162. Apple doesn’t multi-task.
  • Page 169 Avie Tevanian “When Steve is gone, the competition still will not have Steve Jobs”
  • Page 170. Jobs reflects on big companies settling into their ways.
  • Page 200. His (Jobs) uncanny insight into trends in business and technology weren’t a fluke. Jobs worked hard for his market intelligence.

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