September Rocks with Cat Power, The xx, and Bob Mould


This September has been a great month to buy music. I’m really liking new albums by Cat Power – Sun, The xx – Coexist, and Bob Mould – Silver Age

Nothin But Time on Cat Power’s Sun is absolutely stuck in my head. I’ve been listening to it over-over-and over. Totally awesome. The pitchfork reviewer has this fun to read quote …

“Marshall (Cat Power) wrote it to cheer up her ex’s teenage daughter, and the longer it goes on, the truer its optimistic truisms ring, the stronger the urge to holler them along with the rest of of voices (”You wanna live!“). It’s an odd but fitting peak. By the sixth minute, when Iggy Pop’s voice comes in god-sized and benevolent, it’s like some sort of peyote daydream where one of the faces on Mount Rushmore stoops to talk to you and has only the kindest things to say.”

The xx just do “quiet” the best. The new album “coexist” adds more of these gems to my music collection. It’s amazing how popular they are right now. There are 40 reviews to-date on metacritic of this album. That is a lot.

Bob Mould is car listening at it’s finest. He’s mellowed, but I like that it reminds of his Husker Du days without the “blistering pace” of Husker Du. I’m too old for that (most of the time) Awesome guitar noise …. Warning many people may absolutely hate this.