Dating Skills for Engineers. The 2012 Version.

I was out at UBC this week for a follow-up lecture on Entrepreneurship to Eng Phys ProjectLab students. The first lecture was on the process of developing one’s technical ideas into a “Marketable Product”. A “HowTo” startup a company for technical people. In that presentation I focused on 5 Points — Purpose, You, Scorecard, Process, and Customers. I tie together ideas from Peter Drucker (Purpose), Roger Martin (You), Alex Ostervalder (Business Model), Steve Blank (Process), and Christopher Moore (Customers).

In the follow-up lecture I focus on the People Skills that are required to execute on those ideas. I focus on four skills – Listening (Marshal Goldsmith), Communicating (Heath Brothers), Helping (Edgar Schein), and Don’t Be An Asshole (Robert Sutton). In recent years this lecture has earned a fun nickname Dating Skills for Engineers. Here is the link Dating Skills for Engineers. The 2012 Version – slideshare