Thank You Steve Blank! “Open Source Entrepreneurship” is an amazing milestone

Today Steve Blank posted “Open Source Entrepreneurship” which is an update on all the materials available on his website and a challenge for us all to “get out of the building and make something happen!”

This is an amazing resource and I highly recommend that all entrepreneurs dig into it. Today the best place to start is probably the udacity Lean LaunchPad on-line course.

Reminiscing — The Good Old Days — Open Source since before 2007?

I’ve been trying my best to use this material and keep the spirit of “Open Source” alive. I just checked my e-mail archive to see when I received my first “Open Source” slide-deck from Steve. It was in 2007! It’s so amazing how much stuff he’s made available and how open he’s been with it. I’ve tried to keep that intention and openness all the way along. Thanks for setting a great standard.