Wow! Brad Feld’s Startup Communities is Awesome.

Anyone engaged, or wanting to engage, in their local startup community should read this book. It provides a great framework describing the roles of entrepreneurs, universities, governments, investors, and others. It provides a way that we can all connect and get out of our silos.

On a personal level I really like the Mentor notes. Especially offering “Office Hours” and the TechStars Mentor Manifesto

I’ve included two references if you want more detail.

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I had this thought that I’d write up more on this, but I felt that just getting the links out was more important.


This has become a topic that I refer to quite often. Here are relevant posts.


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  1. Thx! Glad you liked it. From your bio you sound like you’ve been on a remarkable journey trying to get healthy. I’m honored that you chose to spend some of your time reading Startup Communities. Holler if I can ever be helpful.

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