What About Time in a Startup, or Entrepreneurial, Community? We Get Old and Want Stability


What about time? One point that surrounds Brad Feld’s Startup communities is the element of time. He says that an entrepreneurial leader needs to commit to a “rolling” 20 years.

Over that period of time it is pretty easy to switch from the “crazy networked entrepreneur” to the “staid hierarchical status quo” ( He calls this the patriarch problem). I think it’s a little deeper than one guy. We are all searching for stability.

On a personal level the Rands In Repose: Stables and Volatiles post speaks to an entrepreneurs journey from “volatile” to “stable”. Most people I passed this along to said, “Great Stuff. It doesn’t talk about the needed renewal. The story where the stable goes back to his/her roots. Where is that article?”

On a higher level Roger Martin’s Knowledge Funnel illustrates this journey. His book The Design of Business does a great job of describing communication between what he calls “validity” and “reliability”.

On another plane psychologist Jon Haidt’s new book Book Review: The Righteous Mind – WSJ.com speaks to the moral values espoused by those who believe more in individuality vs those who believe in institutions. Interesting stuff. This book is a great read. Absolutely mind warping. Buy it for yourself for Christmas. Or go the library and put yourself on the wait list.