Web Sales – Readings & Links

This is a modified version of a post from the current Leanlaunch Pad session. It’s intention is to provide a set of “Introduction to Web Sales” readings.

Web Sales.

On the topic of Selling on the Web the Startup Owner’s Manual « Steve Blank is a great resource. There are a couple things extra that may help. The first is getting in tune with what the “Spirit of Internet Marketing” is, or could be. The second is that funnel development is an ongoing puzzle – there are lots of innovators.

The High Level – What is the Spirit of Internet Marketing

The best place to start is still Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing. The book has the least jargon and get’s to the core of what you’re trying to do. From this base of knowledge you’ll be able to extend to the many more modern takes on the subject.

Funnel Development ( more Customer Development fanatics )

Startup Owners Manual Web/Mobile Selling

  • Appendix C “How To Build a Web Startup: A Simple Overview” provides a very good primer. (page 541–547)
  • The Customer Relationship section (page 126–168 ) describes the Get-Keep-Grow funnel with adequate detail for Customer Discovery.
  • “The Acquire/Activate Customers Plan for Web/Mobile” is page 304–328 describes the Get-Keep-Grow funnel for Customer Validation.
    • The “Managing The Activate Plan” diagram (page 328) is a good summary of what you’re trying to do.

Physical Channel Needs the Web Too.

Physical Channel Products will also need an Online presence – “Online Tools for Physical Channels” page 302–303.