Thank You! (e@UBC & Lean LaunchPad Volunteers )

I’d to thank all the people who made e@UBC’s LLP workshop so much fun. I think we’ve given momentum to something very important.

The Donors-of-Time

  • A big Thank You to all the donors-of-time that made this a reality.
  • It’s >90% of us!

The Instructors

  • Paul Cubbon and I seemed to click during our “first date”. Paul brought great pace, intensity, focus. and structure to the class. I really liked his addition of the Pulsepress back-channel and the results of him “advising” me to use “less time” in my presentations. He also bought me a bottle of wine! Thank You Paul.

The Mentors

  • Doug Johnson, David Fox, Dylan Gunn, Andre Marziali, Mario Palumbo, Chuck Hamilton, and Steve Morgan
  • A big Thank You. Your efforts were very visible.

The e@UBC student “staff”

  • Peggy, Hans, Tagg, and … I’m sure I missed someone else who did the setup and tear down. Thank You

The Teams

  • Wow! You all put in a lot of “sweat”. Thanks for the great effort. It made the workshop.
  • 3D Bio Printer, Achievement Builder, Axon, Dragonfly, Foosler, Lululemon, Urban Farming, Zenith Wind, and ZipThru.
  • I also want to acknowledge that the teams that didn’t make it all the way played an important role in this workshop. They also learned what they needed to learn.
  • ps. tip to Dragonfly for the personal “Thank You” card on the last day. It made my day.

The Guys Who Paid For It – e@UBC
Thank You!

The e@UBC Team

  • Anuj Singhal, Deven Dave, and the new guy Andy Talbot
  • Thank You for providing the support to make this happen.
  • Thanks for paying for this “great sandbox” that is LLP.

Parting Notes

  • … I’m getting used to the reality that I’m “Mr. Tough Love” 😉
  • It’s a pleasure to have such a great platform, e@UBC, to donate my time to. It’s so great spending time with people who want to work! Thanks (again)