Get Inspired! Read About Aravind’s Mission to Eliminate Curable Blindness

Inspiring! Wow! The story of the Aravind Eye Hospital in the book Infinite Vision: How Aravind Became the World’s Greatest Business Case for Compassion is “mind blowing”.

There are good works happening in the world today! This is a feel good book like Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think.

In 1976 Aravind opened in Madurai, India, with 11 beds and a mission to eliminate “curable blindness”. In 1981 they did 10,000 surgeries. In 2009 they did 300,000! In the process they developed their own rural out-reach programs, cataract surgery processes, started a company (Aurolab) to build lenses, started a training program LAICO for third and first world training. Just wow!

The high volume is because they do “free” and “less than” free surgeries as well as paid. Chapter 2 is “When Free is Not Enough”. For their poorest patients they need to do more than just pay for the surgery. Aravind’s fee structure for 2010 (page 289 ) was

  • Free 27%
  • Minimal Payment 26%
  • Regular & Premium Payment 47%

10x More Cataract Surgeries per Doctor per Year

The most amazing statistic is Average Number of Cataract Surgeries per eye surgeon per Year. It’s 10x the developed world! (page 291) And the complication rate is equal or lower! (page 292)

  • Aravind 2,000
  • USA less than 200