UBC SSE Kenya Final Day Presentation Format ( Mathare Small Version )

In Kenya this summer we asked our students to focus their “Final Day Presentations” on three points. We emphasized that presentation delivery should be “Quick, Crisp, and Visual”.

  • 1. Describe Your Business Opportunity — Quickly And Crisply.

    – We asked them to present a summary of their business opportunity in the “Business Model Canvas” format.
    – We provided a “reminder” of the Business Model Canvas and a blank Business Model Canvas.

  • 2. Describe Your “Plan of Record” — Project Plan, Timeline, And Priorities.

    – We asked them to describe the tasks, milestones, and deliverables they needed to complete in order to achieve their high level goals.
    – We provided them with a timeline with 4 topics, arranged in rows, that were discussed the most in our classes. This allowed the discussion to accommodate short term discussions around “getting a shop up and running” and the discussion we wanted to have around “how are you going to market & sell and to who?”.

    • New Markets
    • Get / Keep / Grow Customers
    • Your Shop
    • Finance
  • 3. Describe Your Finances.

    – We asked them to summarize: Startup Costs, Loan Details, Income Statements, and gave them a stretch goal of discussing projected returns and a break even analysis.
    – Here we provided them with a summary sheet and a extra sheet for projected returns and break even analysis.

The template documents are below. I’m hoping to present examples of the students work in future posts.

Here Are The Resources We Gave The Students

1. Business Model Canvas “Reminder”

BMC Katie

2. Business Model Canvas Template


3. Plan of Record / Timeline

Plan of Record SSE

4. Financial Summary

Financial Summary

5. Financial Summary – More

Financial Summary page 2

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