Big Ideas – Steve Blank’s *State of Entrepreneurship* March 2018 ( Co-Founder Mag )

Steve Blank provided a thought provoking “State of Entrepreneurship” a few weeks ago. There is only one Steve Blank » CoFounder Mag

The biggest jolt for me was the sheer number of Unicorns (almost 200) and that they remain mostly “Founder Led”.

we went from zero to close to 200 unicorns …Almost all those unicorns are run by their founders. Big Idea!

it is a lot easier to train a founder how to execute than it is to train an execution person how to innovate.

This makes sense to me, since I’ve experienced that as the pace of innovation accelerates “execution people” struggle. His statement tells me that the pace of innovation has really ramped up in the last few years.

The second jolt was that entrepreneurs continue to “build what they want”.

They don’t really get out, and don’t understand who they are building it for or why they’re building it.

I thought this was only happening in companies I advise.  Good to know that I’m not alone 🙂 😦

The third jolt was that his US Government classes, Innovation Corps (I-Corps), have had more than 15,000 teams. So awesome!

The remainder of the interview is a great summary of the Steve Blank movement over the past ten years. It starts with what Customer Development is and how the “Business Model Canvas” & “Agile Engineering” helped complete the framework. Then moves to note that Continuous Innovation/Disruption is becoming more and more the new normal. Especially through the enormous funds available and the advent of ICOs.

One More Thing — I love the Old Guys complaining section where he notes that “Revenue & Profit” is not top of mind anymore. I too struggle with this change.

Today, entrepreneur skills are aligned to whatever metrics are necessary to increase valuation and fast liquidity.

# More – Fan Boy Memories

I’ve been a fan-boy of Steve Blank for over a decade. I can’t forget someone who gives me their “entire class slideware”. And when I send him my “variant” of the slides, he responds with “Iain, I can’t tell you how cool it was to see these slides.”

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