Internet Traffic – Goog 6% & P2P Down to 18% –

Very cool article at NY Times today on Internet Traffic titled Google Accounts for 6% of All Internet Traffic – Amazing how much Google accounts for. Also interesting is that P2P share dropped from a peak of 40%, a few years back, down to 18% today. It’s not that P2P declined in actual terms, it is that streaming video is the new and growing bandwidth hog.

Tip to Adam at Lifehacker for finding this.

How to Start!

Seth’s recent post

Nothing The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.

is so simple and yet I just shook my head at the number of times I’ve needed that to be said to me.

I find that Carol Dweck’s Mindset ideas and strategies are a great way to ensure that we start projects and learn from them instead of starting projects and failing. Or worse “doing nothing”. Give her a read. It will make a difference.

Link | BRK 2008 Annual Letter » Fred Wilson

Fred assembles 11 bullet points from the BRK annual letter in this post The Berkshire Hathaway 2008 Annual Letter » A VC. I like number 7 – “Quants – “Beware of geeks bearing formulas.” It’s that γ (gamma) from this month’s wired again 🙂

I’m still trying to synthesize the Snowball. The biggest thing for me are the many descriptions of how Buffet works thru disasters like the Buffalo newspaper, Salomon, etc. It is amazing how many ugly situations are described. A big reminder that Buffet earned the wins. Investing and managing in “value-land” is very difficult.

Link | Netbooks » Wired

The March Wired article on netbooks is very interesting, too. I’ve always been a fan of having a small laptop.

I was a portege guy for a long time. I’ve been wondering about the usefulness of these small unix laptops for a few years. A couple summers ago I loaded xUbuntu on a 1999 vintage portege laptop to see how it would “feel”.

The end result was that it was just fine for all the stuff mentioned in this netbook article – email (thunderbird), websurfing (firefox), and writing text(vi & Abiword), etc. The only issue is that it takes forever to boot and it was pretty bad with for presentations of large pdf files. A 2009 netbook is much more powerful than a ’99 portege, so I’m strongly thinking that my next laptop is gonna be a netbook running Ubuntu

Link | iPhone App Store Secrets » Fred Wilson

Fred points to a cool presentation on iPhone Apps from Pinch Media. Looks like apps that “stick” are very rare.

  • slide 15 – Long term audiences are ~ 1% of total downloads
  • slide 15 – paid applications retain users longer than free apps, although drop is is still pretty steep. (
  • slide 13- Users returning vs Age Since First Used. Wow 😦 and free apps drop off faster!