Link | A VC: I Got Lucky

A VC: I Got Lucky: “Fred Wilson regale’s us with his post-MBA-experience in the VC world. I think it’s interesting that he’s says, “don’t do it the way I did it … ’cause I got lucky.

My take — On one hand I agree with him and on another hand I don’t see how it’s any different for the person building industry experience (his recommended route). That person has to be lucky enough to be in a field that matters and early enough to become an expert. Bottom line is that you’ve got to be lucky in either route. No one can forecast this kinda stuff.

Link | Report: State of Broadband According to Akamai – GigaOM

Report: State of Broadband According to Akamai – GigaOM: “Om provides highlights of Akamai’s report that can be found here.

Ars Technica has detailed post as well.

For us Canadians. Canada shows up twice with 9,873,214 unique IP Addresses out of a total of 329,059,516. This places us 10th in Unique IP’s per capita ( a measure of Interent penetration.