Entrepreneurship Readings

[October 2015] Here is a visual view of my favorite “Entrepreneurship” books.

My 6 super-favorites have bold blue borders.

  • The Startup Owners Manual, by Steve Blank
  • Value Proposition Design, by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
  • The Design of Business, by Roger Martin
  • Humble Inquiry, by Edgar Schein
  • Linchpin, by Seth Godin
  • Leadership BS, by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Reading Entrepreneurship 2015 10 30

More — The Big List of Entrepreneurship Reading

If you’re looking for the monster reading list. Steve Blank has the best one here

[Older Articles – circa 2012 — Needs Updating] This is a list of reading material relevant to “Entrepreneurship” in technology. For Students, have a look at Marc Andreesen’s post on Career Planning. Enjoy.

(This page replaces the FIZZ page. )

Table of Contents



Marc Andreesen’s “blog.pmarca.com” was a great Startup Resource – unfortunately no new stuff lately – and archive is http://blog.jedchristiansen.com/pmarcaarchive/ as of April 2013. is available here “http://pmarca-archive.posterous.com/

Stanford Links

Strategic Marketing & Business Books

Market Analysis

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