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In 2018 I find myself starting on the 4th version of myself as a UBC volunteer.  I’ve been “tinkering” with a “Meditation, Mindfulness, and Career Exploration” workshop I call “Mind 2018“.

Here are the previous roles I’ve played. Version 1 – Around 2003 I was a volunteer for “Entrepreneurship” at the UBC MBA school and UBC Engineering Physics, Version 2 – from 2008 to 2012 I taught an entrepreneurship class in the UBC MBA program, and Version 3 — from 2012 to 2017 I moved to e@UBC to work on the experiential entrepreneurship programs named “Lean Launch Pads”.


I’ve been part of the entrepreneurship eco-system at UBC for over 15 years. I’ve taught Lean LaunchPad (LLP) workshops with e@UBC (@ubcentrepreneur),  genomics.e@UBC (@UBC_GenEnt), and Ecoscope. I was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence that mentors teams pre & post LLP workshops. The program has had more than 200 teams go through the LLP workshops.

Way back in 2008, I started teaching Steve Blank’s “Customer Development” in UBC’s MBA Module program because I felt that it was very close to my startup experience at PMC-Sierra and Packet Engines. It has been amazing that the idea of “Customer Development” has grown to become a world wide movement.

On the Social Entrepreneurship front — I’m very excited that the UBC Sauder Social Entrepreneurship (@UBC_SSE) initiative has been experimenting with “Lean Startup” techniques. Since the summer of 2014 they’ve used the Business Model Canvas in Kenya with great success.

I also have a close affiliation with UBC Engineering Physics. I’m on the “Board of Studies” and support entrepreneurship.

A big “Thank You” to PMC-Sierra and UBC for providing opportunities for me in the last two decades. In 2001 I contracted CFIDs and have to be very careful with my time and energy. That’s why you’ll find that my recent experiences are volunteer activities, part-time and short courses. This journey through CFIDs is the “Why” I learned the meditation and mindfulness skills that I’m teaching in 2018.

# Way Back in Time

In the ’90s I was fortunate to be an early employee at PMC-Sierra (PMCS) and at Packet Engines. I experienced a lot in those years and learned a little.

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  1. Hey Iain… I’ve heard many things about your blog & now I’ve read one. I purused a couple of other posts (“Cringely speculates” & “Telus Mobile Porn”) but didn’t find any New Yorker cartoons or porn so I didn’t retain much 😉

    I see you have scheduled chats. How far ahead does the appointment book run? It would be good to see you. Travel & sheer terror does fill my calendar but if you can find a hole, so can I.

    Barry ….

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