Slacker Summer Tunes

My summer listening was narrow as usual 🙂 I loved the new Dinosaur Jr release “Farm“. I played it non-stop just like the previous album Beyond. My main feeling about “Farm” is that it sounds a lot like Neil Young(/Pearl Jam) Mirror Ball, especially my favorite song #11 “I Don’t Wanna Go There”.

I also listened to 3 Thermals songs a lot, too. This band sounds like a lot of my old favorites ( like Iggy, Pixies, Green Day ) to the point of almost being a cover band. The sounds are “shamelessly” close to their influences. C’est la vie, these are good songs. 11. “You Dissolve” is my favorite. 4. “Now We Can See”, and No 1. “When I Died” are good. No. 9 is a listen once, or twice, novelty gem “Liquid In, Liquid Out”.

Summer Reading – Watchmen is So Cool & Captivating

I’m breaking silence to note my favorite read of the summer. It’s the comic compilation of Watchmen.

If you’re a “dad” like me you’ve watched The Incredibles many times and wondered where the ideas came from. This Watchmen comic seems to have been a big influence. Of course Watchmen is not clean and “Disnified”. I’ll leave it at that. Very cool.

Good stuff for a lazy Labour Day Weekend. Here is the amazon link.