Customer Development – BAEN 502 Version 2009 – Wrap Up

So much for doing a weekly update. I really struggled to keep up during the last 3 weeks. Good news is that it turned out very well. On the plus side, it was intellectually amazing! On the downside, like last year, I found the experience totally consuming, and exhausting. I shouldn’t be doing this on a regular basis. I’m settling back under my rock ’til next fall.

Thank You — Guest Speakers Week 4 & 5

I’d like to give a big “Thank You” to the guest speakers in weeks 4 and 5. They were great!

Ronna Chisholm of Dossier Creative talked about branding. Her definition of branding is very similar to the Seth Godin definition of branding ( ie. Design is essential, but design is not the brand ). Very cool stuff.

Michael Kuhlmann President & CEO of Colony Networks gave us a great story of Colony’s Sales/Marketing Hypotheses from inception to today. Change is hard and change is good.

Barry Hagglund supported the “Growth Mindset” theme, of day 9, with stories from Eyehawk, Argonne, PMC-Sierra, and Fujitsu.

Geri Jones brought her immense “HR in startups” experience (retired VP-HR PMC-Sierra, MPR-Teltech, and MDA) to the final day. I particularly enjoyed the Q&A session and the role of HR being a middle ground between “Executive” and “Workers”. My favorite part of the discussion can paraphrased as “If HR reports to finance then HR lacks all credibility that it represents an employees’ interest. HR can’t be a middle ground in this case.”

Thank You – Guest Speakers Earlier Weeks

Thank You — UBC Admin Staff

Thank you Helen, Reaia, and Karminie for all the important behind the scenes work required to support course lecturers.

Thank You — Students

Finally, a big thank you to the students for sharing their energy and experiences to make this course a success.