“Thank You” g.e@UBC

Thank you blackboard sign thank you written with chalk on black chalkboard

I’d like to thank all the people that made the g.e@UBC LLP workshop “happen”. It was demanding, practical, and “maybe” a little fun.

Genomics.Entrepreneurship @ UBC

First I’d like to thank Andrea Lloyd for taking a chance and letting me do my version of the Lean LaunchPad with her group Genomics.Entrepreneurship@UBC.

Thank You Andrea!

My Wing Man

Second I’d like to thank Andy Talbot for supporting me in the classroom. He was a great wing-man. He seamlessly filled in all my “gaps”.

Andy also rounded up the mentors, did a lot of stuff in the background, and “just made it happen”.

Thank You Andy.

The Teams

Without you we’d have no workshop. Thanks for all the hard work!

Thank You to the Wino’s, ecoli, Tait Labs, easy gene, and Lignin.

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my words and requests. <smile>

The Mentors

  • Thank You to Blair Simonite and Sean Lumb for attending all the sessions.
  • Thank You to Andre Marziali and Dylan Gunn for all their help behind the scenes.

Family, Friends, & Supporters

There was also a large group of friends and family who helped out when called upon.

  • Thank You to Nancy Lin and Julia Zu of Sunberry Fitness, Andrew Stuart of Isowater, Tom Dorazio of Superna Life Sciences, and more for taking calls with the teams.

g.e@UBC Staffers

  • Thank You to Peggy Tsui for the food, rooms, organizing, and “tweeting”.
  • Thank You to the Julia’s. They were the “artists”. We had Julia for video and Julia for animation.
  • Thank You to Jamie Hall for “sneaking in” and making himself useful/invisible with the IT.