Customer Interviews — “Talking to Humans” by Gif Constable

Talking to Humans by Gif Constable is a great Customer Development Interview primer. It extends on his earlier blog posts and discusses how Customer Development Interviews fit within the Customer Development process. Great Stuff and it is mostly “free”. It is available in .pdf, .epub, and .kindle (small fee).


tip to Denise Withers for introducing me to this book «smile»

More Customer Discovery Interview Readings

Here are useful Customer Interview readings and a video from Seth Godin on “Being Remarkable”.

Just for fun — I’ve included the Ted talk on the history of Botox. It is a “new market” story. Also a video from “Lainey Gossip” that describes customer archetypes in action.

Customer Interview Readings

The Gif Constable readings are the best place to start. If you want more KissMetrics has a great list of readings and resources.

“Be Remarkable” Video by Seth Godin

Seth Godin on being “Remarkable”. Watch Seth’s “Purple Cow” Ted Talk — “How to get your ideas to spread” Fun and informative.

Botox History – New Markets.

Beneath the Surface of Botox: Dr. Jean Carruthers at TEDxVancouver – YouTube

Lainey Gossip – Customer Archetypes

Lainey Gossip there is a connection with creating archetypes.