“Lighten Up and Relax” — When Things Fall Apart — Afterword (20th Anniversary Edition)

The Afterword to the 20th Anniversary edition of Pema Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart” has many beautiful phrases to quote.

My favorite quote synthesizes the whole book into a “stance” that we can aspire to.  I’ve been working hard on the impossible combination of “Welcome groundlessness” AND “Lighten up and relax”. 🙂

“Look at your mind. Be curious. Welcome groundlessness. Lighten up and relax. Offer chaos a cup of tea. Let go of ‘us and them.’ Don’t turn away. Everything you do and think affects everyone else on the planet. Let the pain of the world touch you and cause your compassion to blossom. And never give up on yourself.”

This next quote is very practical.  Something crazy and unreasonable happens everyday and I have to remember to not turn away.  I have to look, take it in, and work with it.

“Our world, no matter how crazy and unreasonable it gets, will become our greatest teacher and ally.”

This quote needs no explanation.  Heart ❤

“We can’t just erase everything that has led up to this and make things better all at once.”