yet another scary telco number .... ouch --- iain --- Scaaaary: "Happy Halloween. Suitably scary numbers from KPN's consumer fixed line division today: annualized line loss of 23.5% in Q3, a level nearly four times that of Q3 2005, with EBITDA margin down four percentage points from this time last year. A full 58% of... Continue Reading →

Akamai Alpha No More

Aargh 😦 Akamai is one of the few service provider bright spots going today! I agree with this hypothesis that GOOG, MSH, & YHOO may use their muscle to try dominate this business. They already have their own datacenters & back-bone networks, this is yet another thing that they can do with it. But many... Continue Reading →

Google buys JotSpot

I use jotspot wiki for all my kids teams. It is great. Hope it does well under google. --- iain --- Google buys JotSpot: "We will dig into this later, but for now, go read what JotSpotters have to say about the deal. " (Via GigaOM.)

IMS is all back to front

Telco 2.0 Guys thrash IMS again. Good detail.  In summary, think the main point is that IMS looks & feels like the Internet, but allows for "walled garden" services. Many carriers & their vendors are not giving up on the ability to provide walled garden services. It appears that Telco 2.0 believes that they should... Continue Reading →


I've been using I/O Data's networked DVD player for over 18 months. It works very well. Been wondering if I need to look at SlingBox. It sure gets a lot of press. --- Iain --- Slingbox: " ' I ♥ Slingbox' ' Originally uploaded by Kaptain Krispy Kreme. I finally got around to setting up... Continue Reading →

FON Gives Away More Free Stuff

Can FON be successful? This will be a wild ride to observe. --- Iain ---FON Gives Away More Free Stuff: "We stopped by the so-called FON Freedom Friday event in Union Square this afternoon, and watched the WiFi-sharing company give away 500 FON routers to those milling around, mostly workers on their lunch break. By... Continue Reading →

For Verizon, Wireless & Fiber Work

Om Malik on VZ earnings report. --- Iain --- For Verizon, Wireless & Fiber Work: "Verizon reported a mixed bag of earnings this morning: company’s wireless and broadband business are doing just fine, in fact better than most expected. The wireline business is well, becoming a bit of drag. Verizon Wireless added 1.9 million net... Continue Reading →

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