Wireless Telco Markets – Wow!

I'm reading Inder Singh's, Prudential, report on Ericsson's Analyst Day in Tokyo and it strikes me that I've become desensitized to the numbers. The numbers are just so absolutely huge. I've heard all of this somewhere before, but .... it bears repeating 1 Billion handsets sold per year. 2.6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide. Forecast 4.5... Continue Reading →

Wireless Telecom Profits Trump Wireline

Wow! Good datapoint on why telco's spend wildly on "wireless" infrastructure. Wonder what the trajectory of this looks like?Wireless Telecom Profits Trump Wireline: "From a new StatCan report on the Canadian telecom industry: In 2006's second-quarter wireless industry total profits for the first time exceeded those of conventional wireline telecommunications. ' ' ' ' '... Continue Reading →

Realtime Parking Data in Santa Monica

Realtime Parking Data in Santa Monica: "Whoa, I like this: The city of Santa Monica has launched a web-based service displaying realtime parking space availability on a lot-by-lot basis for the shopping district . Link this to vehicle navigation systems and SMS and a whole bunch of downtown congestion would go away as people would... Continue Reading →

Dr. Strangelove (Loving Huawei)

Dr. Strangelove: " Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Huawei. I know two American engineers who have relocated to China to lead optical module design teams at Chinese equipment companies. They live and'work in China for Chinese companies, using their skills to build custom modules - skills no longer in demand from... Continue Reading →

Evolution of the Hard Drive

I'm afraid to read this 'cause its Christmas party season. I'm sure that I'll end up "straining" someones brain with all these details. Cool Stuff. I did a sneak walk thru. It is as good/bad as I suspected. Trust Andrew@Nyquist to arm me with material my wife will hate at Christmas time ;-)Evolution of the... Continue Reading →

Squirrels Ate My FiOS

good fun ... High-Tech meets Low-Tech. I like the gloves taped to the fiber line!Squirrels Ate My FiOS: "It’s not just a catchy title. I lost my FiOS connectivity Saturday morning, rendering my Verizon (VZ) triple-play package of voice, data, and television inoperative. The culprit? Squirrels. I blogged my original install here. I’ve linked to... Continue Reading →

X-Series analysis (Hutchison 3G)

After the YouTube/VZ deal posts ... I was a little depressed 😉 But it looks like Marek@MEX has "kinda" brightened my day with this post on Hutchinson 3G's approach. The important lines are that Hutchinson is a "greenfield" operator. This is not an incumbent trying this. X-Series analysis, Nokia’s bit pipe, Sony Ericsson enabling web... Continue Reading →

YouTube & Verizon V-Cast Articles

Here are the links to the NY Times article on YouTube & Verizon and some commentary. My favorite commentary is Om Malik's Walled Garden, Not Going Away. It's like a shot in the gut for me 😦 I keep searching for the slippery slope of wireless internet to begin its change to look like the... Continue Reading →

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