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In keeping with List Mania Month. Here is Mac OS X software that I use a lot.

  • SkimPDF Reading/Marking — Fantastic if you read lots of PDF files. Quick to load. Simple markup & commenting. Export notes to text. Use this everyday … it is my default pdf reader.
  • NetNewsWireRSS Reader –I read a lot online. This is the best way. I reviewed RSS News Readers a while ago.
  • Mars EditBlog Editor — I really like this. Daniel@RedSweater has done a great job with version 2.x.
  • CaminoWeb Browser — I used Firefox for a long time, but Camino was getting some good reviews. I tried it and it’s my default. I still need Firefox for some things.
  • BackupPCNetwork Backup — This is fantastic. I can maintain a backup of all my families computers and they don’t have to do anything. It’s web-based so each user can have access to their backups if they want. I’ve posted on this part 1 & part 2. I tried Mac Mozy. It is good for “critical” work stuff, but its not gonna work for the whole music and video stuff which requires “gobs of” GB 😦
  • TextWranglerText Editor — I do a lot of text formatting for posting to MediaWiki pages. I really like the “Regular Expression Search and Replace” (it adds a GREP mode to standard Search), run UNIX scripts on an open page, support for Perl, Python, Ruby, more. It would be nice if it supported MediaWiki markup. I’ve heard lotsa good things about textmate ( I may give it a try )
  • FreeMindMind Mapping — I also think of it as a free form outliner. Really helps me organize my thoughts on difficult/larger problems. I don’t use this everyday, but when I need it. I really need it.
  • AdiumIM — I keep coming back to Adium. I’ve got MSN, Messenger as well. But Adium works across them all. I like Fire as well, but it is no longer.
  • CryptFile encryptor — This is a handy program for those times when I need peace-of-mind with a “sensitive” file.
  • VLCMedia Player — If it doesn’t work in QuickTime … it always works in VLC. I should probably use this as my default player.


On the fence

  • Journlr – This is an electronic “journal”. Begins with the simple “keeping a journal” and then adds cool features like “tagging” documents, blog posting, etc. It is really slick. But it’s not sticking for me. I gotta try again.
  • iTerm – terminal app – I keep switching back & forth between iTerm and the Apple terminal. mainly ’cause i fiddled with some settings that mess with “vi”. yes I still use “vi” for quick jobs. It’s just there 😉
  • Skype – I’ve had a love / hate relationship with Skype for a few years now. I go thru phases of using it a lot and then only using it for IM. I did buy the $14.95 version for 2007, but will not renew. I have not phoned on it for months. We got the Shaw phone.

Aren’t Data Caps a P2P Regulator? — comments on “P2P Part 3 – Blog Maverick”

Mark Cuban is having some fun with P2P. He is suggesting that a solution to P2P “over-use” is to charge for upstream traffic. I thought Data Caps were for that purpose? Guess they’re not doing a good enough job.

P2P Part 3 – Blog Maverick: “P2P Part 3
Nov 23rd 2007 11:34AM …. So I take it all back. DONT block P2P traffic. Just charge for upstream bandwidth usage like cellphone companies charge for minutes.

Both Shaw and Telus have Data Caps. Also, Telus charges $2 or $5 per month for each additional GB used over the Data Cap. Here is how BC Internet offerings look. The Data Cap ( or monthly data transfer limit) is substantially different in each price category. From this table I’m guessing that Shaw has the majority of BC’s P2P users.

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Review-Brainwashing of the American Investor is Entertaining

The best thing that I took away from this book is:


  • taking profits is good
  • selling too early is good
  • selling at a profit is good.

I really needed this advice and this book came at me with sledgehammer force.

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My Top Reading for 2007 – Pleasure

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J. K. Rowling

2. Ender’s Game ( and Series ) – Orson Scott Card

  • Fantastic! The audiobook is well done.
  • Sci-Fi at it’s best.

3. A Dirty Job – Christopher Moore.

  • Immensely entertaining.
  • Audiobook narrator Fisher Stevens is “perfect”

4. American Gods – Neil Gaiman

  • In Made to Stick terminology this book is extremely “sticky”
  • Darkish and compelling — a “page turner”.

5. Spook Country – William Gibson

  • I’m a fan and he didn’t disappoint with this one 🙂

6. The Mauritius CommandPatrick O’Brian

  • I’m trying to read one of these fantastic books a year. 💡

Podcasts — Pleasure

1. Vinyl CafeStuart McLean
2. The SandTrapErik J. Barzeski

Light Reading adds Zeugma Systems to “Top Ten New Startups List”

Cool 😎 It’s been a long while since a Vancouver-based networking hardware company had some hype. LightReading Top Ten New Startups List. Excellent 🙂

Light Reading – IP & Convergence – Stealthy Zeugma Pockets $22.5M – Telecom News Analysis DECEMBER 13, 2007 — Vancouver-based startup Zeugma Systems Inc. announced a $22.5 million B round of financing today, taking its total funding to $38.25 million. (See Zeugma Raises $22.5M, Zeugma Scores $2.25M, and Zeugma Gets $13.5M for Mystery Box.)

I admire their stealthiness. They’re in good company with likes of Juniper, and Broadcom, who usually announce when a product is in production. Press for these kinda guys is all about “Investor Relations” and not prospect generation. No one’s gonna buy this kind of product (if you believe LR’s educated-guess) without some serious evaluation. I’m sure all the key prospects know about this box. Why bother creating a press make work project? Zeugma just has to “deliver”. 👿

Link to Zeugma news page

My Top Reading For 2007 – Work Related

Here are links to my favorite “work related” reads in 2007. I’m not restricting myself to books released in 2007.

Top Work Related Books

  1. Made to Stick – Chip & Dan Heath
    • Wanna communicate better in real and business life ❓
    • Do not pass go … go directly to bookstore
    • It’s even entertaining 💡 fun & good for you 💡
  2. No Asshole Rule – Dr. Bob Sutton

    • Guess that you’re thinking –“He’s not talking about me” 👿
    • Do not pass go … go directly to bookstore
  3. Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore

    • Moore tackles innovation strategies.
  4. Leadership and the New Science – Marg Wheatley
  5. Long Tail – Chris Anderson
    • This is a big part of our world today. Seems like common-sense, but the examples are not always what I thought.
  6. A Random Walk Down WallStreet – Burton Malkiel
    • This is a good “sanity check” for people who read a lot of analyst reports or think they can “beat” the market.
  7. The Four Steps to Epiphany – Steven Gary Blank
    • This is a tough read, but the content is fantastic.
    • If you’re developing new products “u need to read this” ❗
    • hopefuly future editions will be easier to read.