File Renaming – Renamer4Mac – A Good Tool – Mac OS

March 31, 2008

I’ve found Renamer4Mac to be a very useful tool. I particularly like the “Regular Expression” (grep) search & replace capability.

I do a lot of file processing every week which often requires renaming files. I’ve written Perl scripts for most of my batch jobs, but there is always something new that pops up.


Canadian XC Nationals Finish Line => Ralph Steadman’s The Winners ;-)

March 29, 2008

I attended the Canadian XC Ski Nationals at Whistler Olympic Park last Sunday to watch my niece race the 15k. She did great.

It was cool to see the future Olympic site in action. The stadium concept allowed us to see a lot of skiing from a single vantage point.


The Finish Line πŸ˜‰ — These XC types are “hardcore”. The hill climbs were wicked and most racers really powered up them. The result of that hard work was not pretty at the finish line. The racers came thru extremely spent πŸ‘Ώ It reminded me of Ralph Steadman’s “The Winners” in Hunter S. Thompson’sThe Curse of Lono“.

Wow! — Neil Gaiman Reads “Neverwhere”

March 27, 2008

This is great entertainment. It’s very engrossing. It is imaginative πŸ’‘ It is scary 😯 It is weird. It has evil characters πŸ‘Ώ It is good. It is personal. It feels very very real. ➑ It is immensely sticky. I can’t get it off me πŸ™‚

I completely agree with the final paragraph of this review: SF Site: A review by Alice Dechene .

You may have gathered that I really liked this novel. I’ll admit I don’t know how to classify it: sci-fi, fantasy or psychological thriller. In fact I don’t know how to label this at all except to call it very, very good.

Narrator: The Audible version is expertly narrated by the author himself. I usually avoid author narrations based on past experience, but this was very well done.

Plot: If you want plot hints go to Neverwhere (novel) – Wikipedia.

Book Club Questions – Here are discussion questions

This is my second Neil Gaiman book. I’m glad that there are many more to read.

NSFIHA PeeWee’s Win BC Championship

March 21, 2008


❗ Congratulations Girls ❗ Here is a compilation of articles posted on the web. Will add more to this post as more becomes available.

Tibet: nearly 1,000 jailed in Lhasa, Dalai Lama offers to resign – Boing Boing

March 18, 2008

Boing Boing Blog has a large collection of reading on the Tibetan Protests. Here’s the lead of the latest one.

Tibet: nearly 1,000 jailed in Lhasa, Dalai Lama offers to resign

* Above: cellphone video of thousands of monks and laypeople protesting at Labrang monastery Xiahe, Gansu province in China. March 15, 2008.
* Left: The dead bodies of eight protesters were brought into Ngaba Kirti Monastery yesterday, in the Ngaba area of Tibet. The caption on this image from indicates that observers are throwing money on the corpses as a customary expression of grief. Students for a Free Tibet posted reports that more than 20 protesters were killed at Ngaba. Here are photos of the dead (warning: graphic). Copies of the same photos are here.

* Here is the first-person account of Spence Palermo, a sound technician and filmmaker from Oregon, who was on location at that monastery working on a TV program for Nation”
* lots more 😦

Golf Practice – how to throw your club :-)

March 18, 2008

πŸ’‘ Remember to add this important skill to your spring practice routines.

Charlie King on The Proper Way to Throw Your Club (

too late — yahoo mail to shaw works today

March 16, 2008

First time since mid-Feb πŸ‘Ώ Wonder if it will work tomorrow?

Of course Yahoo mail support has not contacted me yet. I’ve given up on them. It’s now been 9 days since the last contact. The only thing they have been able to tell me in the past month is — go to this online problem report report page, or it’s not our problem 😦

fyi .. I’m a long time premium Yahoo mail user who has switched to gmail. I hate switching. I hated having to switch from in ’98, but it was necessary. I hated switching from this past month, but it was necessary. I hope I that I don’t have to change from for ten years as well.